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Marketing Research & Analytics
We know that you know your customers really well.

But this is an age of disruption and algorithms change frequently making the tools you use to reach the customers you need vital to your marketing strategy.

Plus, consumers are changing their orientation to the world around them and making different choices for themselves and their families. The eco-friendly, botanicals, and biophilic design categories are a growing segment of the marketplace.

This is great news for folks like us in green business.

We also know that market research is key to developing and executing strong marketing strategies. Our first step is evaluating your position in the market. Using advanced demographic and market research tools our marketing team will develop a strategy to grow your business using your Website and digital channels (Facebook, Instagram and the like) and we’ll walk you through it every step of the way so you and your team can confidently and quickly keep your customers informed through digital marketing.

When marketing online, your demographics and market base may fluctuate substantially over even the shortest periods of time. To market effectively, we develop strategies that adapt as necessary while maintaining and growing a strong customer base

In conjunction with our marketing strategies, our team can routinely update your website to improve search engine rankings and provide access to on-going analytics and A/B Split testing data in real-time.
Website Development

Our websites integrate with several powerful marketing tools that empower our clients to build dynamic ads, grow their mailing lists, and review their site’s performance in real-time. Our sites are mobile-friendly and hosted on lightning-fast, private servers. Monthly backups are included, and our cloud-based servers can scale with your business on-demand. Power when you need it, savings when you don’t.

Brand Identity & Design

Building a unique brand requires more than just a simple logo. From the typeface to the color palette, to how your logo looks on a mobile phone, every decision matters. Our designers will work with you to refresh and update your brand identity so that it looks sharp in digital as well as print media.

Social Media

Upon completing our research and brand audit, our marketing team can develop an editorial calendar that maps out your brand’s identity across multiple networks; including standard social networks; e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. Along with planning out your social media, our team can manage your social media and curate the content being shared across your social channels.

Digital Ads

Ad budgets can vary from $600/month to upwards of $20,000/month depending on your business and the industry ad space you will be competing in. Before starting a campaign we will show you the potential return on investment we believe you can obtain based on your set budget. We develop all of our ad campaigns based on the needs of your particular business. Along with developing your ad campaign strategy, our marketing team will manage your ads closely to ensure maximum return on investment.

Our Additional Green Design Services


Here at Bloomatory we love plants. We really love plants. We serve as a “plant rescue” service for those who are moving and may not be able to take their plants with them but do not want to throw them away. We “rescue” the plants, repot them and use them for our charitable donations, pro bono design jobs, and of course, sell them at cost to the folks who fall in love with them.

We also offer “bereavement repotting” for heirloom or legacy plants. Many plant lovers have plants that they inherited when a loved one passed away. We know those plants are literally “living legacies” and we treat them as such. We will repot the plant in custom mixed soil and fertilize it to ensure the plant will live for years and years to come.

Custom Plant Design

The Fat Plant Society team are co-founders of Bloomatory and offer handmade succulent planters in standard or custom sizes and colors. From residential landscaping to interior designs, we ensure that we provide our customers with low-maintenance, sustainable, succulents selected for their ability to grow and thrive in the designated space. Working primarily with succulents because of their beauty and sustainability, we select the right succulent for the right space.

We also outfit commercial spaces from restaurants to showrooms to jewelry stores, we provide top quality plants in handmade planters and a service contract. We even replace the plants that may need to visit our “ICU” no matter why the plant is struggling. We want to make sure the green in your space, be it at home or at work, always looks its very best.

Custom Moss Design

Moss Walls and Frames
Bloomatory and The Fat Plant Society are the sole REAL moss wall providers in the Kansas City metropolitan area. We source our 100% real moss from Kentucky and North Carolina so you can bring the beauty of the forest into your space. Because the moss is zero maintenance, you will not need to water your moss wall or frame. All you need to do is determine the right size of moss wall or frame for your space and then sit back, relax and enjoy the natural beauty. We have created moss walls as large as 30 feet by 5 feet and as small as 4 inches by 6 inches so the only limit to moss is your imagination.

To view our work up close, schedule an appointment with us or go grab a bite at HogsheadKC on the Plaza in Kansas City where our nearly 30-foot moss wall welcomes hungry customers.

Moss Collection Frames We have developed a “mix and match” system so you can design your own moss wall for your home or your cubicle. Just select the size and shape of moss frame you like best and then group them to suit your individual taste. Because they are made on ultra-light recycled cedar and balsa wood, they are easy to hang and rearrange.

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