Inventory Management

At Bloomatory, we develop inventory solutions for greenhouses, growers, and nurseries to improve efficiencies and streamline product purchases.

The Inventory Interface

We developed this product only after meeting with multiple nurseries and growers in the Midwest region. We listened carefully to their challenges and frustrations and took copious notes to understand the specifics of botanical businesses.

Given our own experience and expertise in botanicals, we understand the industry as a whole and we developed our pricing to align with the seasonal needs of nurseries and growers and we have beta tested and worked diligently to develop an inventory interface that is affordable, manageable, and saves time.
Save Time by Managing Orders Online

We know that many growers and nurseries use paper and fax machines to place and manage orders. This is time-consuming and presents the problem that the inventory will no longer be available by the time the fax is received and reviewed.

We know this is a time-consuming practice and the clock is running out on fax machines (as they become obsolete) so we have developed a solution to manage your inventory online, in real-time.

Depending on the type of plant-oriented business you have, you need to manage the products you sell (retail or distribution inventory), items you grow (wholesale growers) while keeping track of the plant cycle which is often contingent upon weather and other factors over which you have little to no control. We get that.

Keeping track of all these items, even for a successful small to midsize business is more than difficult when using a spreadsheet.

Tying that information into all of the other data platforms your organization uses requires a dedicated software tool. Enter Bloomatory.

Bloomatory conveniently overlaps with most asset management software. Core functionality definitely centers around your inventory levels, but the Bloomatory interface also tracks sales, purchase orders (POs), and even deliveries. Eliminating paper and saving hours of labor with the user-friendly Bloomatory interface not only saves time but increases productivity and earnings.

Building Your Customer Base

We all like to do business with companies who put the customer first. Whether your customer is a plant nursery or a retail consumer, providing the customer with a seamless, convenient, easy to understand overview of the products you have available engenders loyalty, and increased sales.

Show your customers that you understand their time is valuable and connect your existing Website (or build you a new one) to the Bloomatory inventory interface so your customers can view your available stock online and place orders with a few simple keystrokes.

And since we are marketers too, we understand branding and will develop an inventory interface customized to your specific needs and branded so as to mesh beautifully with your existing brand identity.

Your Specialized Content

We develop your content to save you time and build your customer base while retaining your current customers and making the purchase process quick and seamless.

We conduct a short interview with you to ensure we are on target and on-brand and then provide you with an editable document that you can modify and customize to your preferences.

We develop only the content you want and need and provide the content for your Web pages as well as articles to drive customers to your site where they can quickly and easily place their orders online while the interface keeps up with inventory in real-time.

Inventory Interface + Marketing Packages

You may be just getting started with your business or looking to revamp your online appearance. To help make things easier for you we have put together a few example packages down below to show how we can help grow your business. These are only example paths to help get your started, if you know exactly what you need and it is not in one of the packages below we will make sure to customize a package for your needs.

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