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Agriculture is a growing, multi-billion dollar industry that many private landowners have struggled to engage. For the most part, the industry has been dominated by massive plantations with low testing standards and minimal government oversight. As a result, many private landowners have been left with no option but to continue growing the same low-profit, low-risk crops that have kept them afloat thus far. We’re here to change that. Bloomatory provides its clients with enterprise-level consulting in regards to developing business plans, managing inventory, marketing strategies, and distributing final products. We’ll assist with locating investors, building your brand, and marketing your products directly to consumers.
Business Operations

We want to ensure your business grows properly. We offer solutions for establishing greenhouse operations & communications with nurseries.

We provide additional solutions and processes for immediate success such as our industry standard software package to control and track inventory. We also use this system to anticipate the needs of our supply chain partners.

Additionally, we provide Standard Operating Procedures – Customized SOP’s for the cultivation and nursery operations.

Product Development

We bring the entire proprietary product lines for businesses to market.

During this process, we provide consulting on the best methods of legal protection available for protecting your intellectual property.

You have invested the time and effort to create something miraculous, and we’re here to protect your interest.

We walk our clients through every facet of the licensing application process, which can be lengthy and daunting.

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